about - Brian Watson

studio momo specializes in macro floral photography.

Why flowers?

There is so much about our world that is unique and beautiful; 

we need to only just stop and look.

My macro floral photography explores our backyards and gardens,

our arboretums and botanical spaces,

to share the details that comprise beautiful flowers.

Gaze with me in awe!

I have been photographing flowers since 2002.

I used to say that, unlike portrait photography, flowers never complain,

but I find that it is I who rarely complains when photographing flowers.

And then the bonus comes when I share their beauty with people who appreciate it as much as, if not more than, I do.

I take the time to take photos when and where I can.

Sometimes that’s multiple times each week, sometimes far less,

but I am always happy with the result.

I hope you will be as well.

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