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studio momo is the home of my art work; floragraphy, kaua'i and etherea are my flower photograph portfolios. the photos chosen for inclusion in retail catalogs are featured in the catalog selections.


it's been a long time since I've updated this web site. my move to British Columbia in 2006 effectively changed my approach to art sales, but I am happy to come back to this web site with some great news. a major North American retailer of wall art has selected me as one of five artists they will carry in their catalogs from now on. I was chosen out of more than a thousand applicants, and my photographs will now soon be available for sale in major retail outlets across North America. I will include more information as sales progress, but I am also adding galleries now of work that has already been selected for inclusion in catalogs.

as always, I welcome your feedback and comments. please write me.

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